Ceramic Tiles.. and Bathrooms

One of my favourite places of the house is the Bathroom. This room combines the needs for intimacy, neatness and inspiration. Seriously; how many long hours have we spent pondering life’s biggest decisions in this particular room? Here are some breath-taking proposals for a genuine Ceramic Tiles finishing for your Bathroom, which will make you long…

Black and White

I love this layout’s simple palette and vivid variations of patterns, perfect for taking your coffee and Croissant on a breezy sunny day in March. الأبيض و الأسود عندما تُثبّت اللونين الأبيض و الأسود في تصميمك؛ لديك الحرية الكاملة في التنوع في متغيرات تشكيلك.  ربما هنا يكمن السهل الممتنع، و الممتع أيضاً